Corporate Responsibility

Our goal

Since the day we started, the differences between our colleagues; It has helped us to work fluently by going beyond cultures, practices and boundaries. Our diversity in the legal field reflects our interest in exploring different perspectives in creating the best solutions for our clients and developing a culture based on respect and cohesion.

We direct our goals to areas that we think can leave the most traces. For this reason, we evaluate our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities on three separate but always interrelated principles.

Pro Bono & Social Responsibility Projects

The main purpose of our Pro Bono mission is to create a suitable environment for our colleagues with voluntary and sponsorship activities, and to improve the fundamental rights and freedoms of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups by prioritizing our legal knowledge and will to the benefit of society. Our lawyers work on a voluntary basis in a wide spectrum, from supporting legal rules, helping non-governmental organizations, ensuring the protection of vulnerable groups, and representing disadvantaged people. In addition, we continue to work together with our clients and social responsibility organizations that support justice and legal benefits.

Diversity & Inclusion

The diversity of our colleagues enables us to work easily in different fields, with different cultures and nations. There is no doubt that companies having different perspectives and cultures bring success. We arrive at the best possible solutions for creating an inclusive culture with our willingness to examine our own diversity and different perspectives. Diversity and inclusiveness benefit us to be creative by supporting different perspectives with a positive work environment, enabling us to provide better feedback to our clients, their environment and our own environment.


We know the importance of sustainability in the environment we live in. We strive not only to contribute to this by our legal practice on climate change and environmental issues, but also by monitoring and reducing the environmental impacts and risks of our actions. We pay attention to recycling and reuse by aiming to reduce energy and natural resource consumption with our works.

Diversity & Inclusion

It is one of our main goals to ensure that our society embraces all individuals regardless of race, religion, ethnic origin, gender, socioeconomic background.

  • It helps us to communicate effectively.
  • We collect, develop and encourage talents and skills.
  • It increases the loyalty and interaction of our colleagues, clients and suppliers.
  • It is the best move that can be made.

Our Policy and Focus Points

We have adopted diversity and inclusiveness as a workplace culture that values differences between individuals, adopts equality in different issues such as gender, religion, race, culture, personal and professional success, and enables people to reach their full capacities and we continue this issue. For this reason, the focus has been on four fundamentals: gender, ethnicity and culture, LGBT + and disability. Our workplace also provides its support with work-life balance, trainings, networking, mentoring, communication, recruitment practices and flexible working arrangements.

Our Initiatives

In order to exchange ideas within the scope of diversity and inclusion and to mutually participate in events and workshops, we established connections with many non-governmental organizations.

Gender / Sulluwomen Initiative

Our main goal is to make progress by providing equal opportunities to both women and men. In addition, we aim to further strengthen our strong reputation in this field, expand our capabilities and be a pioneer in Diversity and Inclusion issues. With this initiative, we work to empower women in and out of the office, promote gender equality and increase the number of women leaders.


Although we know that individuals with different sexual orientation, identity and expression can make highly professional contributions in line with the goals of our office, we aim to create and maintain a supportive and inclusive work environment. The diversity in our work environment is one of the main elements of our strength and appearance, and we strive to create and adopt a culture that will enable everyone to progress regardless of people.

Ethnicity & Culture

We create environments where each individual from every corner of the world brings their cultural knowledge. Ethnicity has different meanings in different societies, including client diversity, sectors and locations. For this reason, we follow a versatile strategy in every field and everywhere.


Our work is primarily aimed at educating ourselves and raising awareness for people with disabilities. In this context, there are accessible toilets and wheelchair access in our office.