Founding Partner Att. Oytun SÜLLÜ in Legal Disputes, Managing Partner Att. Prof. Dr. Ufuk Aydın has been serving as the official mediator in Labor and Collective Labor Disputes for more than 10 years.


Who is the Mediator?

The mediator is a neutral third person who, by applying systematic techniques, bringing the parties together in order to negotiate and negotiate, to ensure that they understand each other and thus produce their own solutions and establish a communication process between them.


What is Mediation?

Mediation is a process in which people who have been the subject of a lawsuit and have a possible dispute try to resolve their disputes by mutually negotiating with a mediator.


What Exactly Will the Mediator Do?

The mediator is not the person who makes the decision in this process. It does not even offer any solution to the parties. The parties settle the dispute by compromising themselves. The mediator tries to determine the main dispute and interests between the parties and ensure that they discuss and find solutions on these issues.