About Us

As SÜLLÜ LAW FIRM, located in the center of the city and trade area in Eskişehir; Legal consultancy and legal disputes, we are committed to providing the best service, adhering to ethical values. Our mission is to equitably allocate legal knowledge and experience for solving all kinds of legal issues 

and disputes fairly in national and international arenas, judicial organs, arbitrators, official and private persons, institutions and institutions, and full application of legal rules.

Süllü Law Firm offers a wide range of services to solve disputes in the shortest time by closely monitoring current national and international legal developments in cooperation with a wide range of information about the sectors in which the clients operate and specialized institutions and organizations operating in national and international fields. Having acquired the principle of resolving conflicts, mediation and reconciliation in the shortest period of time, our office prepared a road map in line with the opinions of expert academicians before the judiciary with the competent team in the field and aims to conclude the lawsuits in the most advantageous way by taking all kinds of legal precautions .

Our office’s goal is to produce fast and quality solutions that best suits our clients, along with our National and International Professional Organizations and solution partners. Our Office specializes in identifying and solving problems with his experienced team, acting according to the client's needs and problem solving.

English, German, Spanish and French Legal Services are provided in our Office.